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Moving moving moving

I just moved to Malaysia and I can say it have been hard to switch in my mind that I’ll stay here until I don’t know, I’m not saying that I’m not happy but is kinda weird to feel that I wont see my family or my friends in long time. I think is part of growing in this life and at least I can say that even in a slow way I think I’m doing it well, I miss my family and my country but at the same time I’m starting to feeling like home.

The hardest part is the food I mean of course I miss my family and friends but I’m still in touch with them, but the taste of real mexican food is very far away from here.

So as a good foreigner I’ve looking for food replacement and I can say I’ve having success during my research.

First of all I already find the replace for my lovely tortillas, indian food have something really similar than tortillas, even when I went to buy tortillas in the super market, because they have btw, I had to ask for “chapati” that is the name of this indian tortilla.

it kinda taste the same but not like corn tortilla it taste like flour tortilla but still good and sometimes you can ask them to add some cheese so then you will have a bombastick quesadilla!

Also malay food is quite spicy but definitely never as mexican food, I found some good salsas at the super market plus all la costeña products.

I can say I’m not close to try new food everyday so when my local friends or local people invite me to try some nice local food I always say yes. After all I can say that my favourite dishes or drinks that I found here it’s definitely 100% ice milo, is very refreshing and I can drink it anytime even for after party I would ever like to have some delicious ice milo to end up my night.

I found Ramli burger, is not same burger in every place but because I have the best local friends ever I found the best Ramli burguer in whole malaysia, is that good that I didn’t even mind that it doesn’t have bacon or any kind of pork, this Ramli burger is the best burger in whole malaysia, it’s located in Damansara utama.


Joaquin Trujillo and Brian Paumier at De Soto Gallery.


Dali’S Bad Dream Party

Photographer: Hansel Mieth

(the infamous Surrealist party thrown by Salvador Dali and Gala Dali at the Del Monte Lodge in Pebble Beach, California in 1941) [X]

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Yue Ning in “Sophisticated Lady” by Sarah Moon for Vogue Italia, September 2014


Yue Ning in “Sophisticated Lady” by Sarah Moon for Vogue Italia, September 2014


i’m watching you bitch


i’m watching you bitch

Things that are overrated

Things that are overrated 
- Wake up early
- Wear pijama 
- Selfies 
- Mondays 
- Santa Claus 
- Texmex food 
- Cigarrettes 
-Wear make up 
- Michael Kors totes
- Alcohol
- Golf 
- Coca cola
- David Guetta
- Models
- Mona Lisa 
- American Apparel 
- Starbucks

Just saying…

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